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Sculpture Classes Coming up in New York

Sculpting the Portrait

at The Art Students League - Midtown
215 W 57th St, New York, New York 10019

A lecture and a demonstration by the instructor will precede each student’s own execution of a sculptural portrait from the live model. The instructor will guide the students through the process according their individual artistic vision and skill level. There will be more group and private talks and demos as needed.  The topics covered will...


2 sessions

Hearts on Fire

at Brooklyn Glass - Gowanus
142 13th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by creating your own hand-crafted heart pendants! This class is open to beginners and will guide the student’s into melting borosilicate glass over a torch and sculpting it into wearable hearts! Show your significant other how much they mean to you with your hand-made creation.


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1 Day Workshop with Clay Sculptor Alberto Bustos

at Choplet Ceramic Studio - Williamsburg
238 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York 11211

In his Master Class Alberto Bustos will demonstrate: Stretching technique for plates and filaments (square and flat) Different sculptural applications Using Kanthal wire for clamping brackets and formwork Application of color pigments in wet clay, sieve, toothbrush, drag technique… Stony textures with organic elements such as biscuits, sugar,...


Studio Time with a Live Model

at The Compleat Sculptor - SoHo
90 Vandam St, New York, New York 10013

You will be working with a live model in a variety of poses for sculpting or drawing This is uninstructed and you should bring your own supplies. If you don't have any you may purchase them onsite. This class will explore unique possibilities of the ‘quick sketch’; occasionally poses for 2-weekends, or with multiple models will be offered.


Sculpture as Survival

at Abrons Arts Center - Lower East Side
466 Grand St, New York, New York 10002

In this class, learn to use sculptural methods to design and create functional tools for everyday survival. We will examine the precedent design of renewable energy sources like solar panels and biogas, explore the histories of these objects, then design and make our own.


10 sessions

"Do's & Don'ts" Of Silicone Prosthetic Application Demo

at The Compleat Sculptor - SoHo
90 Vandam St, New York, New York 10013

Designs to Deceive Special Effects Master Class Series Learn the ins and outs of applying  Gel filled Silicone Prosthetics. Proper application techniques will be learned, but, more importantly, we will go over, and show how to correct, the top mistakes that are most commonly made. Class will cover: Appliance construction, Appliance prep,...


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The Long Pose: Modeling from Life & Practical Anatomy

at The Compleat Sculptor - SoHo
90 Vandam St, New York, New York 10013

The ‘long pose’ offers the opportunity to create a deliberate and considered portrait of an individual model – focusing on the relationship between given canonical proportions and the idiosyncratic of volumetric expression of an individual human body. Students receive instruction in building their own proportional armatures and constructing a...


8 sessions

Mixed Media Sculpture

at Art Studios @ JCC Manhattan - Upper West Side
334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10023

Learn to combine a variety of materials with ceramics for functional, decorative or sculptural reasons. Ceramic elements can be brought together with natural materials, textiles and other materials such as driftwood. Distressed metals can be bolted together with the ceramic piece or joined with modern bonding methods as well.  Students will examine...


10 sessions

Glass Fusion

at Brooklyn Glass - Gowanus
142 13th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Create your own beautiful fused glass object while learning about design and the basics of kiln-forming. Choosing from a rainbow of colored glass, you will learn how to cut and fuse glass to make decorative art. No contact with direct heat or flames. Prerequisite:  No prior experience necessary. Q&A Q: What if I'm unable...


Standard Sip 'n Sculpt @ Lantern Hall

at Sip 'n Sculpt - Williamsburg
52 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Price includes sculpting kit and event. Craft Beer + Craft Making is a great combination! Lantern Hall in Bushwick offers a fine selection of craft beers and food. Sculpt with talented Guest Sculptors and fun materials! Please note: Our classes are located in bars and restaurants, and therefore meant to be whimsical, creative, and fun. We focus on...


Mold Madness

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene
647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

The art of mold making can be translated into many forms and materials. This workshop will give you the knowledge of kiln casting glass using high temperature refractory molds.  Although concentrated on glass casting, in the process we will be covering techniques applicable to create multiples in a myriad of different medium. Basic cold working...


6 sessions

Kiln Fired Glass Objects: The Glass Fusing Experience

at Art Studios @ JCC Manhattan - Upper West Side
334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10023

The process of melting glass to make artwork has been around for over 2000 years. You will get hooked on this enduring art form as you learn to cut, layer, and stack glass that will be melted (fused) in a kiln. Learn the difference between a full fuse and tack fuse, and create pieces with color and depth that can only be achieved with this medium....


4 sessions

Dancing on the Surface: Small Scale Glass & Metal

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene
647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Part 1 of this collaboration with BKMW will start in the Coldshop at UrbanGlass, exploring different ways to manipulate pre-cut pieces of glass, or “blanks”, into carved and faceted segments. Students will learn to use the lathe, flat wheels, sanding belts, and dremels to achieve texture and a variety of finishes,...


6 sessions

Ceramics and Clay Sculpting: The Art of Ceramics

at Craftsman Ave - Gowanus
117B 11th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Understanding ceramics begins with an understanding of the clay you’re working with. In this class, Danielle will introduce the basic techniques for working with clay. How to build unique forms and objects by coil building, pinching, and slab construction. This class is directed by the objects each student chooses to create. Danielle will guide...


2 sessions

Introduction to Kiln Casting

at UrbanGlass - Fort Greene
647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

This three day workshop is packed with information about all your basic mold making needs for kiln casting.  In this introductory class, students will be working with clay and wax to create positives to be directly translated into glass.  Two high fire refractory molds will be prepared in the kilns to complete the process of melting glass...


3 sessions