New York Academy of Art

New York Academy of Art

TriBeCa, New York, New York
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At the New York Academy of Art, we believe that the world of visual art is built upon the essential cornerstones of figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture. Mastering these disciplines is critical to the development of an artist's personal vision and, ultimately, to the creation of vital contemporary art.


The New York Academy of Art is a graduate school that combines intensive technical training in the fine arts with active critical discourse. We believe that rigorously trained artists are best able to realize their artistic vision. Academy students are taught traditional methods and techniques and encouraged to use these skills to make vital contemporary art. The Academy serves as a creative and intellectual center for all artists dedicated to highly skilled, conceptually aware figurative and representational art. 


The New York Academy of Art was founded in 1982 by artists, scholars and patrons of the arts, including Andy Warhol, to foster a resurgence in the training of figurative and representational art. The Academy has since developed into a non-profit cultural institution housing the nation’s first graduate school of figurative art, a continuing education program, the region’s most in-depth figurative art library, an extensive exhibition and lecture series, and iconic New York City events such as Take Home a Nude and Tribeca Ball.

Reviews of New York Academy of Art

(55 Reviews)
Luminous Still Life Painting

Stephen K.

Attended: Luminous Still Life Painting

Excellent class lots of individual attention and presented for every level

Light and Color Exploration

Bert E.

Attended: Light and Color Exploration

Mark Opirhory is an absolutely excellent, dedicated, skilled and caring teacher. I took the course as an independent study within another class because the course did not run, and I learned a ton, both about color relationships in different palettes and about painting in general.

Animal Drawing

Karin H.

Attended: Animal Drawing

I only went twice. I work the overnight shift at JFK. I am outside all night in all types of weather and have to move fast to get all done. I made it to the first 2 classes and then when we had shift bids, my day off was changed making Saturday my Monday. Since then I have not been able to get up in time. Other days I sleep from 0700 - 1400 hours. I would have liked theory the first time and not just draw. Guno did go around to each person and give suggestions and critique. I hope that there will be an afternoon class that starts at 1500. That would be nice and I would take that one. There were several repeat students so I am thinking that the class was good. Me taking earlier classes is senseless. Sincerely yours, Karin

Introduction to Drawing and Painting

Max M.

Attended: Introduction to Drawing and Painting

The class was amazing, I took it with Adam Cross. He did a great job teaching fundamental skills and critiquing our work. The class progresses quickly and you learn a lot each week so it's important to try not to miss any. I was thrilled with what I could do by the end of the class and will continue with painting afterward.

Intermediate Drawing and Painting


Attended: Intermediate Drawing and Painting

Dennis is a knowledgeable, likeable teacher. The class focuses on painting more than drawing, and most of the instruction is done individually as Dennis goes from student to student to discuss their work. Many good insights are offered.

Introduction to Drawing and Painting

Karin H.

Attended: Introduction to Drawing and Painting

This was the best class that I have ever had in art. I learned more than I have ever had. I just wish there were a follow up class that continues on with we have learned. Mark explained and demonstrated very well. I liked that they supplied what we needed but not that we were supposed to keep it. I am more interested in learning how to draw since that is more convenient to do than painting.

Sculpting the Figure


Attended: Sculpting the Figure

THIS IS A GREAT CLASS! Cynthia is an amazing teacher. The structure of the class is pretty loose, which is perfect for people who like to learn from doing, rather than from endless demonstrations and lectures. Perfect for beginners! I had never touched clay before taking this class and Cynthia and the other students made me feel incredibly comfortable and I ended up with a piece I am very proud of. If you have any interest in figurative sculpture, but no idea where to start, TAKE THIS CLASS! You won't regret it.

The Figure In Watercolor

Ralph J.

Attended: The Figure In Watercolor

Marcelo is a great teacher. He gives informative demonstrations .He also encourages his students students develop their personal style. Once or twice the model arrived late due to miscommunication from the NY Academy of Fine Arts. The teacher made up the time and alway gave us exercises to do while we waited for the model to arrive. I have been very pleased with the class.

Introduction to Drawing and Painting

lea s.

Attended: Introduction to Drawing and Painting

This was such an awesome class. I really looked forward to my Monday nights here. Adam Cross, the instructor, was phenomenal. He was an absolute expert on the matter, and provided constructive criticism, always in a kind manner, basically just giving you tips on how to improve and sharing ideas for things you can do to make your drawing or painting better. He made the class fun and interactive and was genuinely interested and passionate about teaching us art. I did not have prior experience coming into this class, and I didn't feel lost at all. Homework is given for those who want it, and I was pretty impressed with the drawings I could make by Week 4! I highly highly recommend this class for beginners. You will be stunned at the work you've produced by the end of it.

Full Color in the Figure

Catherine W.

Attended: Full Color in the Figure

Great instructor, always well prepared and very insightful.

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