Masaru Terada & Satomi Terada

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Masaru Terada 
Sake Brewer/Specalist

Born in 1973, Masaru Terada’s life journey began in Sakai City, Osaka. While in college, Masaru traveled around the world whenever possible, wearing only simple clothes and a single backpack. After graduating from college, Masaru made a living as a camera crew member for a film production company, making videos of animal documentaries. In 2003, fate brought him to Terada Honke, a 340-year-old sake brewery in Chiba. Masaru was mesmerized, not only by the future mother of his children, but also by the amazing power of fermentation, one significant factor in sake brewing. Without delay, Masaru started his apprenticeship under his predecessor aka father-in-law. In 2012, Masaru was officially named the 24th Head of Terada Honke.

Satomi Terada 

Born in 1977 as the second daughter of the 23rd Head of Terada Honke, Satomi is a loving mother of her two children. Satomi is the creator behind easy-to-make, mouth-watering ‘sake kasu’ and ‘koji’ recipes, applying her extensive knowledge of macrobiotics, which she has studied earlier in her life. Satomi’s delectable dishes attract a large crowd of health-conscious food lovers from all over Japan. In 2017, Satomi founded “Fermentation Research Lab & Café uh-fu-fu (i.e., a feminine-sounding laughter in Japanese)”, located on the same premises as Terada Honke brewery, enveloped by the sacred forest in which Kozaki Shrine resides. 

At Satomi’s research lab, various workshops and events are held throughout the year where the ‘fermentation culture’ is studied and implemented, particularly, in relation to the essential health benefits of fermentation on what we eat, what we wear, and where & how we live. The intention behind Satomi’s lab is to share knowledge with one another and learn together in hopes to pass on the ‘fermentation culture’ to the next generation.

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