The Institute of Culinary Education

Financial District, New York, New York
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The Institute of Culinary Education runs America’s largest program of “hands-on” cooking, baking and wine education classes.

Courses are offered day and night and 355 days a year. ICE is now located at Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty Street, on the 3rd Floor in lower Manhattan. The typical class runs 4 to 5 hours, with a maximum of 16 students.


Since 1975, the mission of ICE’s Recreational Program has been clear to provide a rich, fun and broad array of courses focusing on fundamental techniques, authentic & global cuisines, topical culinary concepts, and classic cooking methods. With over 1,500 courses a year, cooks at all levels from beginner to advanced can expand their palate and knowledge in our kitchens. From “Seafood Grilling”, “Knife Skills” and “Sushi Matsuri Festival” to “Classic French Macaroons”, “Chocolate Desserts and “Do Ahead Entertaining” , ICE’s menu has something for everyone. Similarly, ICE’s Wine Education Program explores grapes from around the globe. Within our broad array of classes, you’ll find many specialized areas, based on topic, or even age. This includes class for couples and kids, and unique courses for those interested in Food Media, Advanced Pastry, Culinary Walking Tours and “How to Enter” the culinary business. ICE’s course schedule is released three times per year, for Fall, Winter and Spring / Summer.

Chef–Instructors & Teachers

ICE’s Chef-Instructors come from a wide and varied background, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the kitchen classroom, and you. Most of our staff instructors have significant high-end restaurant experience, and visiting instructors include cookbook authors, notable working chefs, and nationally recognized experts.

What to Expect

Courses at ICE run one to five sessions (or days), with classes generally beginning at 10am or 6pm. Multi session Techniques Courses meet either one day a week for multiple weeks, or on consecutive days the same week. We stock ICE’s pantries with the highest quality of ingredients and students will be supplied with recipe and instruction packs. Most classes conclude with a large, family-style meal, served with wine or beer; we have never known anyone to walk away hungry!

It’s no wonder that last year, 23,000 people took classes at ICE and that ICE is a past winner of the IACP “Cooking School of the Year” award. Come see what’s cooking at ICE!

Notes: Please note that a valid ID is required for entry into ICE's building.

Reviews of The Institute of Culinary Education

(467 Reviews)

Susom G.

Attended: Knife Skills 1

Great basics class...instructor was nice and though it was 6 people she still managed to provide personalized attention. Can't wait to go back for Knife Skill 2

Colleen C.

Attended: Best Homemade Pizza

Wonderful instructor, delicious pizza. Well worth every minute and every cent.

Susom G.

Attended: Seafood Classics

Had a blast in the class...amazing menu and instruction. The group was great and so were the instructors Sandy, Alyssa and Mike. Definitely going back for more classes


Attended: Favorite Classic French Bistro Dishes

Fantastic! I would have preferred to be responsible for my dish A-Z instead of in a team setting as there were different levels of experience – but Chef Nick kept everyone pointed in the right direction and it allowed us to cover a large menu.


Attended: Essentials of Basque Cooking

I felt like working at a restaurant kitchen rather than learning cooking. Hope they reduce dishes to cook at one class so that everyone can learn the process.

EbruBeygu M.

Attended: Beginner Sushi Bar

I had a really good time. And I learned a lot of thing about sushi. Thx

Alison S.

Attended: Knife Skills 2: Butchery

The class was amazing! The instructors were incredibly helpful and provided clear instructions and individual help. The food that we ate was amazing!

Patricia H.

Attended: Meat-Free: Thai Vegetarian

I loved this class. The chef inspired much more independence in students than any other class I've taken around the city. She ran through the recipes in the beginning of class and then sent us off in groups to make everything. She walked around the kitchen to answer questions, but we were very much free to do what we wanted for the next few hours. The food was spicy and delicious!

Soo-Young A.

Attended: Knife Skills 1

The teacher was informative and hilarious! Had a great time.


Attended: Best Homemade Pizza

Class was fine, teacher was great, but it was VERY beginner. I had been in class with people who had never cooked before and it got a bit frustrating. IF you are new to cooking/baking and want to make pizza, go for it. Everyone else, stay away.

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Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty St, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10281
The Institute of Culinary Education
Financial District, Manhattan
Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty St, 3rd Floor
At West St
New York, New York 10281

Teachers at The Institute of Culinary Education

Adam Sobel Amanda Cushman Andrea Tutunjian Anita Jacobson Ann Rossi Anna Bullett Anna Arfaras Annette Tomei Annmarie Loffredo Anthony Caporale Anthony Sasso April Wachtel Ashley Santoro Ashton Keefe Brendan McDermott Bryce & Eamon Shuman & Rockey Cara Tannenbaum Carla Contreras Cathy Kaufman Chad Pagano Chef Instructor Chris Gesualdi Daniel Stone Daniel Rosati Daniela Hurtado Castro Dave Herman Denisse Oller Diana Kuan Diana Kuan Einav Gefen Faith Drobbin Fran Costigan Gabe Thompson Gail Katz Gerri Sarnataro Gina Stipo Giovanna Bellia La Marca Greer Nuttall Herve Riou Jackie Newgent James Briscione James Distefano James Briscione & Brooke Parkhurst James Briscione & Chad Pagano James Briscione and Anthony Caporale Jeff Yoskowitz Jennifer Iserloh Jennifer Abadi Jennifer McCoy Joel Gargano Karen DeMasco Kathryn Gordon Kian Lam Kho Kristen Miglore Leah Koenig Leticia Moreinos Schwartz Lisa Witkowski Liz Thorpe Liz Young Loren Banco Lourdes Reynoso Mamie Nishide Marge Perry Max McCalman Melanie Cecilio Melanie Underwood Michael Garrett Michael Cecconi Michael Laiskonis Michelle Tampakis Mike Handal Molly Stevens Nick Malgieri Pablo Sanchez Paula Shoyer Peter Berley Peter Johnson Quinn Ventura Regina Aragon-Espino Renee Marton Richard Vayda Robert Ramsey Sabrina Sexton Sam Kadko Samuel Merritt Sandy Murzin Sarah Chaminade Sarah Chaminade Scott McMillen Scott Barton Staff Instructor Stefanie Paganini Stephanie Teekaram Stephen Zagor Sue Gonsalves Ted Siegel Tia Cannon Vicki Wells Vicki Caparulo W. Tish Wai Hon Chu Warren Bobrow Youngson Lee
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