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Anthotypes & Other Organic Processes I

at Penumbra Foundation -

This class is an introduction to plant-based photographic processes! It will cover anthotypes, chlorophyll printing, lumens, and phytograms. We will meet via online platform once a week for demos and students will then take what they have learned and complete that week’s assignment, returning for critique and a new demo each week.  Anthotypes...

Thursday Mar 30th, 6pm - 8pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Contemplative Calligraphy (Ages 16+)

at Evanston Art Center -

Thorough instruction on calligraphy letterforms while learning the contemplative aspects of calligraphy. Moving the pen on the paper becomes a meditation, a stress-relieving resource for equanimity and harmony of body and mind. We will cover design elements working with various tools including the modern Pilot pen, the historical context of hand lettering...

Saturday Apr 1st, 10am - 12pm Central Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

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Continuing Contemplative Calligraphy (Ages 16+)

at Evanston Art Center -

For those already acquainted with basic calligraphic letterforms and materials, don't miss an opportunity to use the tools of your choice (dip pen, cartridge pen, Pilot Parallel Pen, or a quill pen) and continue practicing the contemplative aspects of calligraphy in the process. Gather your favorite materials and meet once a week for calligraphy practice...

Sunday Apr 2nd, 1pm - 3pm Central Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Calligraphy Beginner

at 92nd Street Y -

Learn and master the beautiful art of calligraphy and hand lettering in this class for adults. Understand the structure of letters and explore three basic styles based on classic forms that you can adapt for gift enclosures, envelopes and more. Learn about pens, brushes, inks, papers and the tools of the trade and how to use them, and begin to develop...

Monday Apr 17th, 4pm - 6pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Sustainable Darkroom: Sustainable Thinking, Practice

at Penumbra Foundation -

Sustainable Darkroom: Sustainable Thinking, Practice and Waste Management  This online course consists of three classes exploring sustainability within photography. Taught by the leaders of Sustainable Darkroom, this course is focused on creating sustainable photographic habits through thought and practice. Classes include Sustainable Thinking...

Saturday Apr 22nd, 11am - 2pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

Medium of Fashion: Textiles

at The New School -

In this course, you learn about the practical application of the materials, elements, and techniques used in the fabrication of modern apparel within the fashion industry. Aimed at students of fashion design or design professionals interested in understanding the “how” as well as the “why” of textiles, this course covers the components involved...

Monday Jun 5th, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time

 (9 sessions)


9 sessions

Cyanotype: Wet and Traditional

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

One of the early photographic processes, invented in 1842 by Sir John Hirschel, was the cyanotype. It is based on sunlight causing a change in a light sensitive emulsion brushed onto paper or fabric. Many of the early photographic images were called “sun prints” because they had to be exposed using UV lights, or sunlight. This is a contact print...

Monday Apr 17th, 10am - 12pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

The Photographer's Eye - Part 1

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

Photography’s essential artifact – the picture that’s created by a camera and printed on paper or viewed on a screen – is usually said to represent “the real world” faithfully, and with great precision. But those images are only representations; they’re separate from that real world in several very fundamental ways. The way lenses see...

Thursday Apr 6th, 9am - 12pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Loose Ends

at Penumbra Foundation -

In between and alongside the development of long-term photographic projects, a lot of other work gets made—work that may not be substantial enough for a book or easily assimilated into a larger project. This course is dedicated to making something out of these other pictures, the “minor” works, one-off series, and various odds and ends that have...

Thursday Apr 27th, 6pm - 8pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Online Intro to Drawing Class

at Pastimes for a Lifetime -

This class is available online and safe in-studio - Click here for the safe in-studio class. Please note: Online Class times are in Pacific Standard Time This fun and informative class is ideal for beginners as well as students returning to art classes after a long absence. Basic skills are learned or rekindled with this historic medium. Students...

Wednesday Mar 22nd, 1pm - 2pm Pacific Time

Gallery Representation for the Photographer

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

Darren Ching, owner of the Klompching Gallery, will present a webinar on Gallery Representation explaining what that is and what’s involved by both parties – the art dealer and the photographer. The webinar will discuss how commercial galleries operate, selling and exhibiting of work, pricing, etc. This webinar is informed by Darren Ching’s 12...

Saturday Apr 15th, 10am - 11:30am Pacific Time

Creative Portraiture

at Los Angeles Center of Photography -

This six-week workshop will begin to explore the world of portraiture, the basics of natural and artificial lighting, and the psychology of dealing with people in front of your camera. Lighting equipment and light-altering tools will be discussed and demonstrated, with weekly assignments given and critiqued, and student portfolios reviewed. Visual...

Wednesday May 10th, 9am - 12pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

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Online Monthly Drawing Class Package

at Pastimes for a Lifetime -

This class is available online and safe in-studio - Click here for the safe in-studio class. Please note: Online Class times are in Pacific Standard Time Drawing with Graphite 101 + Project Booklet: Monthly Package Indulge your creative side and channel your inner-artist with this fun and informative Drawing with Graphite 101 course from...

Tuesday Mar 21st, 3pm - 4pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

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Virtual Beginner's Calligraphy (Part 1 & 2)

at Jade Scarlett -

Modern calligraphy is a more free form style of writing that maintains the elegance of traditional calligraphy while allowing for more self-expression. In this Modern Calligraphy - Brush Lettering class you'll learn all the techniques you need to make the thick and thin lines that creates the beautiful letter forms of calligraphy with a brush pen...

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Virtual Watercolor Landscapes the Easy Way - Session 1

at Jade Scarlett -

Watercolor is the perfect medium to create gorgeous landscapes. In this class, you'll create a bucolic scene with trees, water, grass, flowers, and a serene sky.  I'll walk you through every step, beginning with the essential techniques needed to complete a landscape and how to use household items and regular house paint brushes to create special...

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