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brunchwork w/ Josh Brost (Relativity Space)

at brunchwork -

Explore business development and the aerospace industry with Relativity Space VP of Business Development, Josh Brost. Josh Brost is Relativity Space's VP of Business Development. He is an experienced aerospace business leader with a proven track record of growing company revenue while driving changes in how customers purchase existing services and...

Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2:30pm - 3:30pm Pacific Time

Marketing brunchwork w/ Katie Soo (KiwiCo)

at brunchwork -

Explore product and partner marketing with KiwiCo's Chief Marketing Officer Katie Soo. Katie Soo is an award-winning creative and growth marketer in both digital innovation and transformative leadership roles. She has a proven track record in launching large-scale, disruptive business models and brands. She has experience in leveraging data science...

Thursday Feb 10th, 2:30pm - 3:30pm Pacific Time

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Culture Design Online Masterclass

at Fearless Culture

Learn how to create a powerful, safe, and purposeful workplace culture with The Culture Design Canvas The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool that captures the culture of an organization in one page, to drive alignment and uncover areas of opportunities. Join our online Culture Design Masterclass, and get all the tools, templates, skills, and...

Thursday Feb 3rd, 2:30pm - 9pm Central Time

Build A Fearless Culture Online Workshop

at Fearless Culture

In a world of change that’s accelerating, fear and uncertainty silence creativity and stifle collaboration. What would happen if you could build a fearless culture? Navigating change takes intentional design and action; it also requires courage, creativity, and adaptability. Being fearless doesn't mean ignoring our fears, but conquering what holds...

Wednesday Feb 9th, 4:30pm - 7pm Central Time

  (8 sessions)

8 sessions

Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies

at American Management Association -

You’re already successful as a leader and communicator.  But now you must exercise even greater influence, solve bigger problems and drive unprecedented performance improvements. Superior leadership communication skills and the ability to adapt them to constantly changing circumstances are essential. Who Should Attend This course is for experienced...

Monday Mar 21st, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Leading Virtual Teams

at American Management Association -

When it comes to the success of a virtual team, the buck stops with the team leader. If managed effectively, virtual teams can increase productivity, help meet organizational goals and improve quality of work. But there are a host of unique challenges that can hurt their success. Get ready to discover a proven process and framework to develop...

Monday Jan 31st, 10am - 1pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Fundamentals Of Human Resources Management

at American Management Association -

Whether you're a recently appointed HR manager, are new to HR or have a non-HR job with HR responsibilities, this course can give you the know-how you need. Understand essential HR functions and learn to develop an action plan to put to work in your organization. This comprehensive seminar delivers a modern view of HR's role and will educate you and...

Monday Jan 31st, 2pm - 5pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

at American Management Association -

Attend this 90-minute webinar to develop a greater understanding of various aspects of diversity and inclusion (D&I), and how they impact everyday interactions and overall workplace culture. Get the opportunity to assess your diversity intelligence and recognize the business imperative for D & I initiatives in organizations.  You will...

Thursday Feb 17th, 2pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time

Portraits: Photography, Theory, and Representation

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research -

The most common kind of photograph is the portrait. Wresting the means of representation from the hands of sculptors and painters, photography offers ordinary people the hope of recording and capturing themselves “as they really are.” Yet, if the photographic portrait makes self-representation possible on a mass scale, it also holds obvious appeal...

Thursday Feb 3rd, 5pm - 8pm Eastern Time

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

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Developing Executive Leadership

at American Management Association -

When you’re focused on your organization's future every day of every workweek, it's vital that you are well equipped to optimize your company's performance—as well as your own career—with executive leadership training. What does it mean to be an executive leader? It means you’re a visionary, a trailblazer, a strategist, a communicator, a coach,...

Wednesday Feb 9th, 10am - 6pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Powerful and Effective Copywriting For The Web

at General Assembly -

Writing for an online audience is completely different to writing for an English exam. In fact, the most effective online copy would probably make your English teacher faint. People consume content differently online than they do when reading books or other long-form content. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional writer or have a...

Thursday Feb 24th, 4am - 6:30am Eastern Time

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AMA's Advanced Executive Leadership Program

at American Management Association -

Executive leadership training is the first step on the road to achieving your potential as a leader. You’ll come away with an understanding of what makes executive leadership different from other kinds of leadership roles, how to shape organizational excellence, which global competencies are critical to success today and how to gain personal mastery...

Monday Feb 7th, 10am - 6pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

Getting Your Message Across

at Be Social Change -

Do you sometimes find that your good intentions and your sincere wish to make a difference are just not getting through? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of effort creating your talk, or constructing your discussion points, yet somehow they just don’t land in the way you’d like — especially when you are talking to an audience who are not so aligned...

Thursday Feb 24th, 6pm - 7:30pm Eastern Time

Extraordinary Productivity: The 5 Choices

at American Management Association -

Extraordinary Productivity: The 5 Choices That Drive Success The Extraordinary Productivity: The 5 Choices That Drive Success course is based on ideas and practices accumulated over decades from the leaders of productivity. This FranklinCovey seminar provided by AMA will help you develop the necessary tools to maximize productivity in the...

Monday Feb 7th, 10am - 6pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Confidence-Building Skills for Women

at American Management Association -

Learn how to handle yourself in just about any situation! Are you afraid to speak up in meetings? Unsure of how to express your ideas with the same confidence you see in others? Don’t miss this opportunity to discover powerful assertiveness techniques you can use every day, everywhere. You'll learn how to send the right signals so you get the right...

Tuesday Feb 8th, 11am - 1:30pm Eastern Time

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