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Bo Yoga

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

Bo Yoga blends the best of yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation with the assistance of a padded, flexible, and stable Bo Yoga Staff. Classes are gentle, accessible, and safe for all levels and abilities. Bo Yoga for balance focuses on stretching to improve alignment, leverage and stability. Expect a total body stretch. The movement promotes flexibility, and strength. We make practicing balance safer, and easier to approach-using props like the Bo Staff...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 12–1:15pm Central Time

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

This class is intended to help maintain health of muscles and joints. Stretching these parts within their limits and slowly building strength and flexibility is the purpose of yoga poses. As we age, our movements become fast and abrupt. They have the tendency to strain our muscles. By stretching deeply and focusing on the alignment of the body, many benefits can be received and injuries prevented. All levels welcome.  How to join us online...

Saturday Sep 23rd, 9:30–10:30am Central Time

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Nourish & Grow Yoga @ Live Virtual via Zoom

Join us for a Gentle Hatha Yoga practice that helps you to stretch, strengthen and find balance in your body. In this gentle movement practice, you will have time to explore and experiment to find the variation of a pose for your body.  Notify the teacher of any injuries or limitations before class begins to receive appropriate modifications.

Friday Sep 29th, 12–1pm Central Time

Gentle Yoga & Qi Gong

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

Morning gentle yoga paired with Qi-gong an ancient healing art practice that uses gentle graceful movements. It has many benefits some are: Improved energy and concentration, Lowering stress levels, and improved balance. How to join us online for classes:  Download Zoom App if using a Ipad or phone & create a free user account. If using a laptop or desktop just create an account. 30 min prior to class start an e-mail will be sent to...

Thursday Sep 28th, 8:15–9:15am Central Time

Yoga Unlimited Semester Pass: Online

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s online yoga is a virtual class you can take anywhere! Enjoy unlimited access to all online yoga classes offered each semester with the unlimited pass option.

Monday Oct 2nd, 9–10am Central Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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YogaProse: A Virtual Yoga & Writing Workshop

92nd Street Y

Spark Your Health presents a virtual combination yoga and writing class with writer and yoga teacher, Jennifer Lang. In this session, you’ll be doing a deep dive into how your body is feeling, and then having an opportunity to express those sensations through journaling. Participants can expect to tune into their breath through a slow vinyasa flow, and then will have an opportunity to sit with their breath, observe, to tune...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 7–8pm Eastern Time

Slow Flow

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

All Level Slow Vinyasa Flow. A moving flow of yoga postures focusing on breath and body awareness. Deep stretching and strengthening. All levels welcome. How to join us online for classes:  Download Zoom App if using a Ipad or phone & create a free user account. If using a laptop or desktop just create an account. 30 min prior to class start an e-mail will be sent to you.  Click the link in the email to join the class. Contact...

Wednesday Sep 27th, 9:30–10:30am Central Time

Slow Hatha Flow

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

Slow flow Hatha class is great for both new students and experienced yogis. Hatha yoga allows you to hold the posture and breath into the physical movements. The Focus of this class is on cultivating awareness, creating a healthy physical body, and a sound calm mind. How to join us online for classes:  Download Zoom App if using a Ipad or phone & create a free user account. If using a laptop or desktop just create an account. 30 min...

Monday Sep 25th, 9:30–10:30am Central Time

Slow Flow

Nourish & Grow Yoga @ Live Virtual via Zoom

Join Ashley for a Slow Flow practice that balances stillness and movement. In this full-body flow, you will have time to explore vinyasa options and experiment to find the variation of a pose for your body.  Notify the teacher of any injuries or limitations before class begins to receive appropriate modifications.

Tuesday Sep 26th, 6–7pm Central Time

Fundamentals in Flow, Balance & Stability

Balance Arts Center - Virtually Online

Fundamentals in Flow, Balance, & Stability is a 90 minute class that guides you through fundamental movement patterns that help improve balance, coordination, and establish a sense of flow and connection in your mind and body. This class begins on the floor with time to let go into the ground and prepare yourself to move in new ways. You will also spend time on your stomach and then come to standing to apply your refreshed posture to balance...

Monday Sep 25th, 5–6:30pm Eastern Time

Meditative Movement: Slow Flow

Balance Arts Center - Virtually Online

Meditative Movement: Slow Flow is a class of ongoing movement done with awareness where you can experience moving in an embodied and intentional way. Movement pathways are created and repeated in conjunction with slow weight mobilization to calm the body and mind while developing coordination, balance, and tone. All body parts are invited to move/participate and explore ranges of motion that allow you to experience increased proprioception and movement...

Tuesday Sep 26th, 11am–12:30pm Eastern Time

Functional Anatomy

Prema Yoga Institute @ ONLINE

Learn anatomy in a practical, approachable way with Jesal Parikh and Erin Moon. Required text and equipment: The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson, not the Kaplan one
  Yoga Biomechanics Stretching Redefined By Jules Mitchell  Space to practice asana, mat or something similar, a block, strap, bolster OR books, belt/scarf and pillows for props In this course we will cover anatomy of: Biodiversity The many ways the nervous...

Tuesday Nov 7th, 5–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

Yoga Nidra for Deep Peace & Healing

Liberate Hollywood

Yoga Nidra is a practice of psychic sleep, as you are relaxed into a conscious state, akin to a lucid dream. Deep transformation can occur through Yoga Nidra as we set a soul level intention or resolve that permeates deep into the subconscious through the practice, bringing a powerful opportunity for healing and transcendence. Through Yoga Nidra, it is possible to cultivate deep inner peace and a balanced state of being. Benefits of Yoga Nidra...

Tuesday Oct 3rd, 6–7pm Pacific Time

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Yin Yoga

Nourish & Grow Yoga @ Live Virtual via Zoom

Join us for a Yin Yoga practice that helps you to stretch, lengthen and connect to your body. In this meditative flexibility practice, you will take time in each pose to explore and find length in each posture.  Notify the teacher of any injuries or limitations before class begins to receive appropriate modifications.

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Discover the Best Yoga Classes Online

Yoga is an ancient exercise/art that includes challenging stretches, sustained poses, and controlled breathing. According to Harvard University, yoga can improve physical strength, manage eating impulses, and even decrease anxiety. Learning yoga online lets you master this skill effectively from the comfort of your home. Thankfully, many online courses are available for you to consider, including both cold and hot yoga routines.

Why You Should Learn Yoga Online

Mastering yoga provides many physical and emotional health benefits. For example, many people meditate while performing yoga to manage their anxiety and depression. That’s because yoga and meditation can increase your mindfulness or your awareness of your thoughts. In this way, learning yoga can improve your life and help you fight severe long-term anxiety symptoms.

Some people who learn yoga also start a side hustle as a yoga teacher. How? By earning a yoga certification. These certs let you teach yoga techniques to others, either in person or online. How much could you earn in this field? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, yoga teachers (under the heading of fitness trainers) can earn up to $40,700 annually. 

Virtual Yoga Classes 

While in-person yoga classes provide many unique benefits, virtual courses are often a better option for many people. You can take them wherever you want, including at home, while on vacation, or even on a work trip. Even better, there are almost always more available options because you’re not limited by your location. Most also cost far less than in-person learning.

The biggest downside of online courses is a lack of supporting materials. Simply put, you have to buy your yoga gear, including comfy clothes and a practice mat. Furthermore, some people find online learning less socially engaging. If these downsides don’t bother you, then 

online yoga classes are a great learning opportunity for your needs. 

Please read the following options below to learn more about online yoga learning. Each class covers varying subjects and can help you improve your skills. These courses require a computer with a camera, a strong internet connection, and Zoom for streaming your lessons. You can then read the class description to gauge what other materials you may need. 

Yoga Unlimited Semester Pass

Yoga Unlimited Semester Pass is a Chicago Botanic Garden course for up to 12 people. You get access to multiple yoga lessons, including beginner- and intermediate-level training options. Once you register for the class, the instructor sends detailed information about necessary materials, how to participate in each class, and other important details. 

Yoga and Cancer Care 

Yoga and Cancer Care is a Prema Yoga Institute class that teaches you about the connection between yoga and cancer treatment. It’s designed for medical care specialists and gives hands-on training that helps you provide patient-appropriate yoga therapy that minimizes cancer pain. This in-depth class is a good option for nurses, doctors, and physical therapists.

Gentle Yoga and Qi-Gong 

Gentle Yoga and Qi-Gong is an Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness program that teaches yoga techniques alongside Qi-gong, a related movement-based practice. It focuses heavily on improving your energy and concentration and minimizing your anxiety and stress. It requires minimal materials beyond comfortable clothing and a practice area.

YogaProse: A Virtual Yoga & Writing Workshop 

YogaProse: A Virtual Yoga & Writing Workshop is a 92nd Street Y class that highlights the connection between yoga, mindfulness, and creativity. During each lesson, you’ll practice controlled breathing and vinyasa poses, while journaling your thoughts. It’s designed for people of all experience levels and is a great way to tap into your inner creativity.

Slow Flow 

Slow Flow is an Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness class that teaches slow vinyasa yoga poses. Vinyasa is a popular option for people new to yoga because it’s slower, more controlled, and relaxing. You’ll practice deep stretching and strengthening, as well as breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques. It’s a good choice for people who need more relaxation.

Private Online Group Yoga Classes

Are you trying to find private online group yoga classes for businesses for teamwork-building exercises? CourseHorse is here to help you. They provide live online group lessons for up to 500 people. These Zoom-based courses teach in-depth yoga techniques and can help your employees master exercises that can improve their physical and mental health. 

For example, Virtual Guided Group Meditation is a 30-minute learning experience that utilizes controlled pranayama yoga and meditation techniques. Your team will learn controlled breathing and meditate in two 5-10 minute cycles. They’ll also write down their insights during each session and learn how to build on them to increase their overall mindfulness. 

If you want to learn techniques your team can use at work, try Virtual Chair Stretching. This 30-minute, 500-person class includes dance, gyrotonic, and yoga exercises that your team can use to stretch while seated. These exercises work the spine, engage core muscles, relieve tension, and improve posture and are perfect for office-based workers. 

If CourseHorse doesn’t have a class listed publicly that meets your needs, you can contact them to learn more about other options. They can help you find courses or even create some specifically for your team. They’ll consider your employees’ experience levels and help you find a program that makes the most sense for your organization. 

Once you find a program, CourseHorse provides benefits other booking platforms don’t. For example, you can change class size at no charge up to the class day and never pay booking fees. CourseHorse also supports multiple platforms, meaning your employees can learn on whatever computers they want. In this way, you should have little trouble finding a great class.

Online vs. In-Person Yoga Classes

Virtual and in-person yoga lessons cover many of the same subjects. For example, both will include healthy stretches, pose cycles, meditation methods, and mindfulness techniques. However, online courses let you practice at home and often cost less than in-person learning. These benefits make virtual programs a great option for busy or on-the-go individuals.

Before choosing an online yoga lesson plan, it’s important to do some research. These courses can vary heavily and choosing the wrong one could ruin your experience. As a result, you need to consider the factors below when picking your yoga classes. Read through any class listing available online to better understand what each has to offer you.


What’s your budget for online yoga classes? They vary heavily in price and required materials. For example, some programs may require no special materials and cost far less than those that use yoga mats, resistance bands, and other items. Read through the course’s description to decide whether its lessons are worth the money you spend. This step can help you find one that not only fits your budget but covers the yoga subjects that interest you the most.


When does a yoga program take place? They typically have strict practice periods, and while some professors may record classes for students who can’t attend, it’s still best to show up on time. Furthermore, most classes will last between 30-60 minutes. Do you have enough time in your day for that commitment? These factors make it important to know each course’s schedule. Doing so can ensure that they fit easily into your day and avoid scheduling conflicts.


Yoga courses typically cover several subjects within a specific focus. For instance, hot yoga includes very warm environments (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and often utilizes more intense poses and exercise routines. You must also consider what experience level a class covers. For instance, some may teach beginner-level skills, while others focus on people with intermediate abilities. Read through a class’ description to learn more about its lessons.


Most online classes have a specific size limit. For example, some may teach 5-10 people, while others may support far larger groups. Smaller lessons provide more individualized support from your live professor but have fewer available openings. Bigger classes limit your personal time but have more available openings, which can make them easier to join. Consider these advantages and disadvantages when choosing a class to ensure you find one that you enjoy.


Learning yoga doesn’t require many materials. You’ll need comfortable and stretchable clothing, such as sweatpants, t-shirts, and yoga pants, as well as a yoga mat. Yoga mats provide extra comfort and focus your routine more effectively. You can buy them online or in sporting goods stores. Other useful, but not strictly necessary, yoga materials include resistance bands to increase your pose intensity and relaxing music for your exercises.

Can I Learn Yoga for Free Online?

Many people practice yoga using free online videos. For example, websites like YouTube and Vimeo have hundreds, if not thousands, of yoga instruction classes available for free. These include step-by-step instructions for various challenging poses. This option may work well if you’re on a budget but formal online lessons provide far more benefits. For example, you get support from a live professor during these virtual courses. This means they can correct any of your mistakes and improve your yoga techniques. In this way, you can practice more effectively. Furthermore, virtual classes include socialization opportunities. So, when you’re done with a program, you can set up online “yoga buddy” training sessions with your new friends.